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 You are invited to participate in the International Conference Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Energy Conversion, Storage and Biosensors that will take place in Natal, Brasil, 3-6 april 2011.

The goal of this meeting is to bring together researchers around the world working on new physical and chemical methods for the design and characterization of more efficient nanomaterials and devices destined specifically for energy conversion, storage and biosensors devices.

Research and industrialization of energy devices based on nanoscale materials (solar cells, batteries, supercapacitors, as well as others such as sensors) is booming. But improvements in novel methods of preparation in emerging nanostructures and organic materials, in the connection between morphology and functionality, and in the key elements of devices such as substrates and ionic liquid conductors, often have a broad impact over several classes of devices and promote further innovations. This multidisciplinary meeting joins experts on semiconductor nanostructure synthesis, metal oxide ordered and disordered nanoarchitectures, organic conductors and nanostructure design and synthesis, optical and transport characterization of devices in order to put the most recent innovations in a common and general perspective and discern the central goals of research in the near future.

The focus is to provoke discussions on the common aspects of these areas through discussion on nanoscience and nanotechnology concepts and properties of the material in nanoscale. Therefore, novel strategies that exploit nanoscale architectures to enhance the efficiency of alternative energy conversion, storage and biosensor devices, as well as the basic physical and chemical models and principles governing the effects of nanoscale on electrodes and electrolyte will be treated.

About Natal

Rio Grande do Norte is a state of mind. The hospitality walks along its beaches, mountain ranges and backwoods. If the State is pleasing for it´s intrinsic charm, the same can be said for it´s cultural values and inheritance. In this aspect, it is one of the wealthiest parts of Brazil.

On the cultural side, it has Câmada Cascudo, the famous Brazilian actor. On the economical front, it is the biggest producer of oil on the continental platform. In fruit production, it exports melons to the whole world. Gastronomically, it has the best carne de sol (sun dried beef) on the planet! Touristically, it has the most beautiful beaches of the northeast and the most involving and windy dunes of the Brazilian coast (in Jenipabu). With its hotel management, it has some of the most modern services of the Northeast.

Those who don´t know - or know little - about Rio Grande do Norte, need to visit this place. Opportunities for excursions and business are not lacking but it is especially worthwhile to get to know the potiguar people.Besides it´s privileged nature, the local people are the biggest inheritance in this part of Brazil, right on the continental corner of South America.

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